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The #1 Platform for Independent Creators, Emerging Artists, and Their Fans

“Project Celena” by Ups N Downs Entertainment™ drives engagement and curates the discovery of unique content from the world’s best new creators, producers, and artists of color for their fans who love them.


“Project Celena” by Ups N Downs Entertainment™ provides an opportunity for creatives of color to showcase storytelling in an authentic, fresh, and new destination. Curated engagement directly with your fans that promote your content, merchandise, exclusive experiences with your biggest fans. “Project Celena” by Ups N Downs Entertainment™ provides an open, participative infrastructure for interactions between Creators/Artists and the Fans that love them.

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Discover The Best New Content You've Never Heard.

Love your independent creators and emerging artists! 100% ad-free content streaming. Enjoy a curated experience with customizable playlists, recommendations, and more! 

Calling all Creators

Learn more about the Pay-per-Play, connecting with fans via their Wireless Carrier, and how to collaborate with other creators through “Audience” an artist-driven marketplace.

For Brands

Music labels are locking creators into the broken Music Rights Model. Fans can’t connect with the creators they love! The legacy labels block access by independent & emerging creators to the resources they need.

The industry channels fans money to big artists and starves emerging creators & artists. Minority groups are least visible to the establishment. They get hit the hardest.


The #First150

“Project Celena” by Ups N Downs Entertainment™ is building an initial roster of creative talent to launch the platform. We are enabling the most exciting and talented, emergent creators of entertainment to flourish.

Our A&R identifies those that have the potential to disrupt the broken model and thrive. All have an equity share.

The #FIRST150 demonstrates Ups N Downs’ commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

Creatives of color to showcase authentic storytelling with curated fan engagement driven by brand sponsorships


Creators gain equity in the “Project Celena” by Ups N Downs Entertainment™ business as it grows.  An open and transparent model. (Music labels had the share Equity in Spotify)


Based on Creator control, equity and fairness. Enforced with Blockchain Technology, and strong supported partners.


“Project Celena” by Ups N Downs Entertainment™ delivers Fan payments direct to the creators they love (and not the ones they don’t!)